Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shwayze: TV Show

Here is the new tv show: Buzzin' produced by MTV. The show features the drama of upcoming group Shwayze's adventure to making it big.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


A cool picture of the artwork at Colette, while the store undergoes renovation.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Olympics Pictures

These are some of the most ridiculous pictures of how the modern world is falling into a "hole of dumbfuckness". In the pictures is a surface to air missle, practicing using flame throwers, and firemen practicing with saws in case of an emergency. Since when did the olympics involve something crazy like out of a movie? This is absolutely ridiculous.

S/S Friends Picture

S/S Friends is a unique clothing collection that composses clothing to specific seasons, and pairs the items of the collection to music. They work out of Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. The brand is composed of one designer, and a musician. This is probably the coolest concept ever. I am loving it, and keeping an eye out for more.

Rogan Gregory

I just discovered the fashion designer Rogan Gregory. I had not heard much of him besides that he had his own lunch box designed for him. I sense that the clothing he designs is very hipster, and cool from the few photos that I have seen. I found out a litle more about him by reading an article at Wallpaper.

Marc Jacobs Ad


This is easily my favorite Marc Jacobs Ad. It is just kind of odd, and funny. The guy sporting the suit, looks like he is visiting his father, but his dad is too busy watching tv. I find it quite entertaining.
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Justice x Surface to Air

Michael Carli, a classmate of mine, pointed out to me that Pitchfork has uploaded pictures of Justice's clothing collaboration with Surface to Air.
"The rumply jeans list on the Surface to Air site for a cool 150 euros, with the jackets coming in just shy of 800. Meanwhile, that crustpunk who's always hanging out on the computer at the library will trade you his slightly smellier version of the very same getup for a 40 ouncer and a ride to the bus station. Up to you." stated Pitchfork in the article.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Picture taken by Hedi Slimane, and uploaded to his Fashion Diary.

Justice- Stress

Dior Homme loves justice and Surface to Air does too.

Here is their video.

Nas Responds To Fox

Rockers NYC, great street wear brand, has posted Nas's response to Fox news for heckling him, and for the companies involvement in controversial events.

New York Times Fashion Read

David Coleman explores the increasing trend of cut-off pants in fasion. "The Sharpest Shorts Are Abbreviated Pants".

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tim Hamilton Fall Collection

These are all the pictures from Tim Hamilton's Fall collection. I included below a brief summary of the collection, I did not write the summary, it was included in the email by Tim. Most likely he included it because people got too lazy or off track of the actual inspiration of the designer. The images are for a pre-shoot for Bergdorf Goodman. If you go to check this out when it comes to Bergdorf, I'd check out the Alexander Olch ties as well.
Fall Summary:

If you're going to take inspiration from a ballet dancer, you might as well
pick the one whose radical approach helped start the notorious riot at the
Paris premiere of Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring: Vaslav Nijinsky. Think of
this collection, then, as The Rite of Fall—and the pieces would have looked
just at home in the audience as on the stage during that fateful night.
Fortunately for us, the violence stays in the clothes—primarily in the sharp
contradiction between the lush fabrics and subdued sportswear. Think of a
leather coat lined in Mongolian lamb, cardigans trimmed with fur, or a blue
leather jacket whose abundance of belts and buckles might just have a subtle
hint of S&M. Speaking of domination, dark moods abound—the color palette is
rich with deep burgundies and lush aubergines, a sober set for a collection
that's anything but. A more playful side emerges in the most direct nods to
ballet—vibrant, striped leggings, and even sweats.
And just as those early 20th-century Parisian rioters were squabbling in
their eveningwear, this collection brings an active sensibility to formal
clothes. (Or is it an elegant sensibility to sportswear? Both?) For the
first time, Hamilton has added hand-tailored suiting. It comes in a variety
of proportions and cuts—single-breasted or double, notched lapels or peaked,
slim-fitting or wide-legged pants. But it never feels inconsistent or
slapdash—this is the unified vision of a highly personal collection, and one
that (like its inspiration) represents a restlessness with the past, an
energy and even optimism about the possibility of menswear. "I don't want to
do the same thing every season," the designer says. "Call me crazy." This
collection is anything but.

Suit details:
- Hand tailored
-One button notch slim Lapel with one vent
-Two button peaked Lapel with a double vent
-Elastic cuffed pants, also featured in the Spring 2009 Lanvin collection, I'd keep an eye out for this.

All Hand Tailored
One button notch slim lapel single vent
Two button peaked lapel double vent
Elastic cuff pants

Suit Details:
All Hand Tailored
Rope Shoulders
Hand sewn button holes
Fully horse hair canvases
Lined Crinkled Silk
Hand send metal thread label
Hand sewn bar tacks
Patch pockets,
Pants pleated and non pleat

Cashmere, Camel Hair, Cotton Memory velvet, Wool Nylon twills, Brocade,
Shiny Lnyx herringbone, and Black perforated wool