Thursday, May 31, 2007

Married to the Mob's Summer Shirt

Just another slogan t-shirt out on the market these days; however, House of Holland is usually the only "hip" slogan t-shirt company to go to these days. However, I find this shirt very funny. It's in a world of it's own with it's quote: "My girls rock Balenciaga & smoke mad marijuana." I'm surprised that they don't have another one titled: My girls rock Balenciaga & snort mad coke or even a My girls rock Balenciaga and rock at rehab. Lets just hope that they consider my suggestions for next years shirts. These shirts bring people watching to another level because it adds humor to the mixture and spices it up a little. Not only are their shirt slogans funny but also are the posts on their blog/diary-type website.

"If you hang out Downtown or know about “art stuff” then you must be aware that a so-called “art revolution” is going on at that beautiful old building down on Elizabeth and Spring. That’s my corner of choice to chill on, so I’ve been seeing the slow progression of “street art” being plastered all over it. It started off with random pasted up shit and graffiti, which didn’t even look bad. It gave the corner flavor and made nice symmetry with the other corner building on Bowery and Spring. However, the corner started looking more and more like a Disney showcase or a 6 year olds coloring book as of late. The art up there is garbage and makes the block look like sell-out bullshit like the rest of lower Manhattan is starting to look. Since the building is being renovated on Monday, they decided to put it up for the week as public property where every jerk and his Mom could come and “throw something up”. Leah, Rob, Kimmy and I walked past it on Thursday night and watched in horror as little hipsters with gold Krylon wrote “meaningful and politically ironic” things all over the landmark – in all seriousness. Kim and I got so mad we started yelling at the curator that it was trash and dude told me to go back to New Jersey! Do I look like I’m from Jersey, bitch? Either way they had an all weekend party celebrating the works of art inside the building which I wasn’t aware about. I went to check it out and I’m still not impressed. Sure, a few good artists did pieces in there (such as Ssur and Kostas) but I’m over the whole thing. Maybe I just don’t get it. All the uptown art folk loved it, as well as the New York Times and the young out of town kids that go to Parsons. But what the fuck do they know? You call that an art movement? A free space where everyone can show off their works? That aint shit, that is the pussy way to get up. I know people who run across roof tops and get arrested to get their name out there. Those are the real deal street artists. A gallery is one thing, and that’s great, but taking the opportunity of a legal surface to get credit is really weak. Not to mention, the white and red wine at the opening fucking SUCKED!"- Has more of this
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Jermain Defoe

This has nothing to do with the fashion side of the blog. However, since it does have an athlete, Jermain Defoe( a football player in the English Premier League). I thought this was interesting because of the detail of the interview. "Armani or Gucci" is one of the questions and I find it interesting that he replied Armani because the Gucci clothes are too large. In another interview they ask Shaun Wright-Phillips the same question and he replies: "Definitely, Armani by a long shot."

Thursday Night Activities


It's a small club, so we can't guarantee you'll make it in, but if you want to
give it a go, we're playing at The Blue Lamp tomorrow night (Thursday, May 31)
in Sacramento on Alhambra and N. The show starts at 9:00 and admission is $10. "- For the cake concert
Honeycut opens.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A.P.C. Overload

Here is a hint of what A.P.C. has to offer you for the summer season. A.P.C. is well-known for their raw denim; however, when I noticed all these items was shocked. They also have a newer collection "Madras" which is the A.P.C. "color" collection pretty much. As of last year the collection consisted primarily of a "selection" of items like they barely had a collection. However, this year they've introduced a men's and women's collection. I have to admit that not only are the clothes pretty cool in the "Madras" collection but I like the funky writing they use for there tags too. It's amazing that A.P.C. doesn't have the traditional dark "French Colors" in many of there collections such as Lacoste whose polos come in attractive colors but also colors such as French mustard. Also, If you want Jesus's mom's shoes, Mary's shoes, they are available from A.P.C. now too. They go perfect with an ancient robe.


Trovata's patent leather tote & Canvas day bag are excellent for weekend getaways and carrying "stuff" around town during the hot days of shopping and relaxing during the summer. These are available at Barneys: $495 for the canvas day bag & $395 for the patent leather. Seabags are a cool new bag to carry Frisbees, magazines, and everything for beach lovers to carry.

What To Wear With ++++The Cobrasnakes++++

Here is a compilation of everything you can wear with your Tsubis jeans, now Ksubis, or your Dior Homme Jeans when you go to some parties with +++The Cobrasnakes+++(The +s are the best just had to add them in) These shirts are available at &

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Marc Jacobs Summer Sale

 "I just wanted to let you know that our Collection Spring/Summer Sale has
begun for men and women. Ready-to-wear, shoes and select accessories
are available at 40% off.In addition, Marc by Marc Jacobs women's shoes are 40% off. Please feel
free to call me with any questions.Have a great weekend!"

Mary Nobile-King
General Manager
Marc Jacobs
81 Newbury Street
Boston, MA 02116

I think that this may only be for the Marc Jacobs boutique in Boston. However, I'm really not sure.

Friday, May 25, 2007

New Dover Street Market Collection: Commes des Garcons shirts

I've meant to put this on here for a couple of months ago; however, due to the exorbitant amount of cool "swag" from Commes des Garcons at the time already on the blog this was too much. If you want to view any of the items closer you can click on the image to zoom in "a bit". The highlight of the collection is Fred Perry x Commes des Garcons new flashy polo shirts.
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New Marc Jacobs Vans

The New Marc Jacobs * Vans have finally arrived. I've been waiting forever because the rumors I heard were that they were going to be around months ago. However, that's why you never listen to rumors. Unfortunately, I have no clue when these are set to be released. Keep in mind just like the previous Marc Jacobs * Vans these will run-out soon when stores get them in stock.