Sunday, December 7, 2008

Harper's Index

I look at these lists all the time, yet I still doubt a lot of the facts. I always assume that some of them are false. Below is a list of recent facts from Harper's Index.

-Minimum numbers of properties the U.S. government was forced to buy as part of the S&L bailout

- Number of churches and athletic clubs, respectively, that this purchase included: 3,27

-Estimated portion of all freshwater drawn from U.S. sources each year that is used to cool power plants

- Number of credit-card solicitations sent to Americans last year: 5,200,000,000

- Year in which Cuba's ban on toasters will be lifted: 2010

- Year by which New Orleans is expected to be rebuilt, at the current pace: 2028

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Thom Browne: The Septemberists

This is a great video. It has great fashion and is extremely ridiculous.


From Men's Non-No November 2008

From Men's Non-No November 2008

Chuck Close

Chuck Close is a master at the art of stylized mosaic portraits. Close is a photorealist who views his world in tiny mosaics, using oil, silk screening, and water color, to capture the human face and body in portraits. By using hundreds of small squares abstract shapes and geometric figures, Chuck Close places them in such a way to create a spectacular finished piece. Each piece of the mosaic, when viewed individually seems to be unrelated. But through the artistic eye of Chuck Close, what may be four black diamonds turns into nostrils on a face. What seems like faded colors of mosaics turns into a light shining on a forehead. However, through the beauty of his unique style and creativity in making portraits the true story about Close is not told. During the late 1980s, Close suffered through a collapsed spinal artery which almost totally paralyzed him. Fortunately, with the aid of modern medical technologies Chuck Close fought through his condition and was able to continue with his passion for art. Unfortunately, for Close, his new physical condition meant that he would need more assistants to help him while creating his masterpieces and he could no longer help to set up his own exhibits. However, with the aid of a sophisticated electric wheelchair and a brace on his left arm he could once again work hard on what he loved to do which was working with art. The overcoming and triumph over such a tragedy is very inspiring especially because now close has stated that because of the accident his art has significantly improved. A man who has suffered through so much but still continues to find his passion through art by turning vivid tiny patterns into lifelike shapes amazes me. Close is a great inspiration because he has accomplished so many things even though he has suffered through such a horrible ordeal. Many of his works are extremely detailed and Close’s work has been seen in various places from the New York Times to the Addison Art Museum at Phillips Academy in Andover.

Japan Scans

I absolutely love this picture and will post a lot more great scans from Japan as soon as I get my other computer working again. It reminds me of middle school.

Modern Menswear: The Book

I recently discovered this book while browsing on amazon. The book profiles modern menswear by interviewing a collection of menswear designers. It is an recession unfriendly price of $40. Here is a snap-shot of the book's contents.


-The menswear brand Hickey is having a winter sale.

-Stel's is having a sale this week (up to 30% off)