Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sneaker Freaker

Sneaker Freaker Magazine is out now. It's being release this Saturday at Bodega Boston. Each issue is $10 and jam-packed with tons of crap about the sneakers you love to wear. In it is a article with Claws, an article on a New Zealand native photographer on a mission to uncover the reasoning behind shoes on power lines while documenting it, & some interesting stuff on Air Walk which were vans on steroids because they didn't give blisters to skateboarders and were basically the first shoes designed by boarders.

Harry & His Troops

Have you ever wondered how many people go to the Harry Potter release? Well, neither have I; instead, on the way back home from dinner I saw these people and I will just say "no comment."

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Gawker's Apology To The Jews- Hilarious

Gawker Apologizes To The Jews

So our earlier post about our wacky Jew-hating ways got the attention of the folks at Heeb, who were name-checked by Mark "I Like Kike" Caro in his admonitory blog post. The Heebs seem to have understood the humor, but a commenter at their site found us less amusing. angryjew.jpg

Well, obviously that won't do. We've drafted a sincere and heartfelt apology.

Dear Jew,

We are sincerely sorry for offending your delicate Jew sensibilities. Yes, it's true, there are a few Jews here in the office—we've crunched the numbers, and four out of five Gawker editors have at least some Jew blood in them (not on them!)—and we do think that gives us the right to make Jew jokes. But you know what? None of us are Irish, thank God, and we still knock the micks every now and again. We're kinda of the opinion that the idea of ethnicity and its accompanying stereotypes are inherently hilarious. So, sure, we may not know a lot about life in Israel—do you guys still eat the Palestinian kids after your tanks run them over, or did you stop that once Rabin came into office? Do we still send Israel billions of dollars a year?—but, guess what, we think the comical ways in which your Jew country kowtows to the craziest Jew elements of crazy Jewiness could not be funnier. Hope that's okay!


I recommend visiting on a regular basis because it's pretty much the most regaling blog ever. I can't say the stuff that gawker says because I pretty much have no readers; however, when I get the 500,000 views a day or something like that which gawker gets I will be full of their commentary don't worry.


I feel bad for this guy, yet I don't, because he is the one moron rooting for Michael Vick on his dog abuse case. Here is the full article associated with this guy:

"Eris Banks of Conyers, Ga., shows his support for Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick during a baseball game between the Atlanta Braves and Cincincinnati Reds in Atlanta, Wednesday, July 18, 2007. Vick was indicted by a federal grand jury on Tuesday on charges of sponsoring a dogfighting operation so grisly the losers either died in the pit or sometimes were electrocuted, drowned, hanged or shot. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)" How can that guy support Vick on those charges? However, remember he could be innocent. I doubt it. Everyone doubted the Duke lacrosse players; however, it was clear that they were innocent but no one listened to them.

The Cobrasnakes New T-shirt

The Cobrasnake, notorious for his photography of hipsters & t-shirts, has released another edition of t-shirts this time with confetti writing. There are only 250 shirts and they sell out extremely quickly. Also, The Cobrasnake now has a photography competition for those who purchase the shirt & the person with the best photo automatically gets next months shirt free.Go check it out.

1 Confetti Cobrasnake T-shirt: $40

YM: It's Readers Still Stand Strong

"LIFE ON THE WEB: Jane magazine is closing with the August issue and Conde Nast Publications will shut down the Web site Aug. 20, but another company Web site for young women has endured far beyond its magazine's lifetime., the digital home of the teen magazine bought and shuttered by Conde Nast in 2004, is seldom remembered, except, perhaps, by its ardent online community, and by the individuals who post on and have battled it since last winter.

If the YM posters are, as they claim, teenage girls, their memory of the magazine may be foggy. Remaining YM subscribers were moved to the Teen Vogue database, the main impetus for Conde Nast's purchase. (WWD is also owned by Conde Nast). Although the properties' corporate connection is unknown or irrelevant to each community, magazine brand identity is peculiarly strong for posters. Teen Vogue's members, a YM poster explained, are "rich girls mostly who don't give a blank about anyone but themselves and their credit cards." One poster, describing herself as a "proud Teen Voguer" didn't exactly dispel the stereotypes by claiming, "the YMers don't have a heart, they are jealous of us because we have style, and they do not." Yet another taunted in May: "Which magazine is still printing?" "

I was clicking around on WWD and found the most hilarious article. Just when you think teenage girls can't get any lamer. I read this.

*Quote from WWD

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Blue in Green- A Men's Lifestyle Store

I came across Blue in Green, a jean utopia, which has every pair of Japanese jeans from raw sugarcanes to somet. While exploring around, I also stumbled across a compilation of newspaper articles & featured press articles about them from the New York Times to a magazine from Japan. The articles were all neatly compiled on their website. If you want to check it out go to You may also learn something about denim such as that Union sewing machines were used for old Levis.

The Simpsons: Take Over America- Too Bad For Posh

1. Homer's Skeleton: A poster at the L.A. Vans X Simpsons debut.
2. The Simpsons Limited Edition Soundtrack
3.Collections of Vans X Simpsons Vans with image of inspiring artist
4. Simpsons Tour Poster

*Images from Hypebeast

Monday, July 16, 2007

The Sartoriaist : Scott Schuman

Scott Schuman is the Sartorialist. If you've ever wondered who the biggest free lance blogger is it's Scott. Who uses his self-learned camera skills to find "eye candy", fashionistas, & the truth of fashion at Milan & Paris's fashion shows.
1.of or pertaining to tailors or their trade: sartorial workmanship.
2.of or pertaining to clothing or style or manner of dress: sartorial splendor.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Harry Potter's Summer: So Far

The top photo is from Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2007 Men's Collection, the 2nd photo is from the movie, & the 3rd is August's Details magazine cover. My favorite potter look is the first. The Details grooming of Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter himself, looks like he forgot to shave. If you actually open up the magazine the article is really only about a page and a half if that. It's not worth it. The photos of him styled are horrid too. Every picture is in a dark room, like an old rundown motel with dim-lit lights & smoky looking ,something you'd never want to see as a photo shoot theme. If you are trying to find the most stylish looks of Harry Potter, they can be found in the youtube movie. Who would have thought Lego has sylists?

South Willard- Sale

starts sunday july 15

70% off womens: lutz, hussein chalayan,
ann sofie back, veronique
branquinho, rachel comey, oumi

70% off mens: veronique branquinho, bless, a.p.c.,
rag and bone, band of
outsiders, patrik ervell

Additional news: band of outsiders shirts
and ties have just arrived

Friday, July 13, 2007

Vans X Simpsons

The release for the Vans x Simpsons is tomorrow at Bodega. If you plan on attending it's at 11 am. Highsnobiety has a list of all fourteen pairs of vans being released tomorrow. If you are bored of seeing teaser photos check out all the pictures here. I wouldn't get too excited for these shoes. They aren't real eye candy. The colors are pretty ugly & these are definitely not my favorite vans.

South Willard: Knows Directions

South Willard
8038 West Third Street
Los Angeles, California 90048
Telephone 1-(323)-653-6153

Open 11-6pm daily

Map of Location
Driving Directions
Metro Directions
Cycling Directions

South Willard has reality in check. Not only do they post a map location, driving directions, & metro directions. They also have cycling directions. If I were the writer for Fashionverbatim, I'd give you four salt shakers, you people are pretty F****ing good. Sorry South Willard, someone forgot to fix the links this being we take those four salt shakers; instead, in replacement we give you two.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Common Projects New Releases

As described by Stavros, main men's fashion writer at Frillr:
"Most people always have a hard time finding the right sneaker for them. Some want very hip looking sneakers, others just want flashy ones - no matter if they aren’t going to be the center of attention - and there are others who just don’t know what look for. The answer, to look fine and proudly be a part of the so-called “scene”, is to keep it simple . A white minimalist sneaker is a must have item. I prefer high-tops, since they look awesomely good with skinny jeans and almost every slim fitting pant, and they are season-less . I recommend all-white, no print, high-top sneakers, so if you are still indecisive about whether what I’m saying is true or you just want to get one, but you don’t know where to look for it, let me introduce you to Common Projects.Common Projects, is a New York based sneaker company owned by Prathan Poopat and Flavio Girolami. At the Common Projects, they aim to design nice looking footwear without compromising the functionality of it. Their model which I like the most is called Achilles mid-top - which is in fact a high top sneaker."

Highsnobiety, today published photos of the July release of Common Projects. If you are interested in purchasing a pair they are available at all of these locations. However, Highsnobiety was not wrong about some of these releases. The metallic low tops are all the spring 2007 season & at seven new york are already on sale. In fact, the gold low tops are already sold out at most stores. However, they will be re-released.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sale Dover Street Market

"Dear Friend of DSM

Please be advised that we will closed for four days next week, from Tuesday 17th to Friday 20th inclusive.

We will re-open again on Saturday 21st July at 1.00pm with the new Autumn Winter 2007 collections and lots of exciting new items and new spaces.

We are also pleased to announce further markdowns of up to 70% on selected items for the last five days of our sale which must end Monday 16th at 6.00pm.

Our opening hours are 11am-6pm Monday to Saturday and 11am-7pm on Thursday. We look forward to seeing you in person at

Dover Street Market
17-18 Dover Street
London W1S 4LT"

Henrik's 2 sides: Fashion & Art

Both things inspire, both things are bold, & both of these also make many people wonder: "How does he have this much talent?" If you aren't wondering, I sure am.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Stel's Boston Online

Stel's Boston, also known as Stel's inc., has officially made a website which is now up & running. They are currently going through a sale. Go check it out:

Monday, July 9, 2007

Fashion Show Wardrobes

"It varies from designer to designer but as far as we go, we do keep the
clothes. We usually give the models a clothing allowance but the clothes
that they wear during the shows are samples which we receive months ahead of
any production run.I hope that this answers your question."

Best regards,

Have you ever wondered what happens to the clothes worn during fashion shows or fashion exibitions? I have too. I took the liberty to ask Trovata, above is what they had to say about it.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Friday, July 6, 2007

Colette's New Stuff

Rockers NYC TV

If you are wondering why we have two of these videos the first is volume 1 & the second is volume 2. I really like these videos because of their fashionable street clothing. Rockers NYC along with Ben G & Patta are some of the shops which have truly converted street clothing into color & peace rather than football jerseys & thug-looking apparel. Also, Rockers NYC is involved in politics and isn't afraid to hide their voice.

John Galliano

"John Galliano is a designer??? I would think sanitation engineer would be a more appropriate title. After seeing his presentation on, I have thrown away better clothing than this alleged designer is trying to stuff down our throats. It's bad enough that walking in public with your pants around your knees, boxer shorts pulled up like Mr. Lupner and everything 5 sizes too big is considered new style. That style has been around for years only it used to be called being a slob. It makes the wearer look like they are a member of the make a wish foundation and this is their special day. Mr. Galliano's fashion show was the equivalent of rolling in a garbage pile and leaving whatever trash wherever it got stuck. Mr. Galliano, keep smoking what ever it is you are smoking, crash on the floor, play video games and wow, look at the colors! You Sir are either stoned or stupid."-Auwing

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Lanvin: Menswear Spring 2008

Lanvin, one of the rarest & pricier brands in fashion, placed the cherry on top of the sundae at the menswear spring 2008 runway show. Like last year, the collection consisted of some of the best men's footwear from simplicity to eye candy. The collection showed gold high top sneakers perfect to wear with a pair of raw, unwashed, jeans while it also had bronze oxford lace up shoes. The collection was not " a collection" rather it was a smorgasbord of beauty, elegance, & the finest "wardrobe" every man dreams of.(except for the dry cleaning)Do you think I'm joking or want to see for yourself check out a highlight video of the show below.