Friday, January 26, 2007

Must Read Of The Week

Must read of the week has been spotted in the New York Times. Inside the fashion & style section, an article highlights the negatives of fashion trends. That over the years lead to increases in pollution emissions.

Friday, January 19, 2007's Way Of Preventing Eating Disorders

I love this shot. The model, Anna M, poses holding a plate with like two tiny veggies or fruits and an untouched piece of bread, maybe a sandwich or croque monsieour. I found this at searching for great shots like this. The photographer should have taken a bite out of the food and Anna would appear to actually have eaten.

Big Fool & Little Fool

It's pathetic that this was taken at the Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring '07 show. I always think of fashion shows as a time to see art, class, and great dressing. However, look at these gross morons. Juergon Teller, a fashion photographer, should at least be able to look like a grown man rather than a college kid that just woke up from passing out at a party.

Alexander McQueen's Puma Line 2007-2008

Trussardi Winter '08- Bon Voyage Ou Bienvenue- click to enlarge

Moschino Keeps It Real For Winter '08

Dsquared '08 Winter

More Clothing For Later Generations


Winter Means Four Buttons In '08- click to check it out upclose

Marni Winter '08

Etro Winter '08

D&G Follows Diddy

Fendi '08 Winter

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Givenchy Homme & Ozwald Split?

Ozwald Boateng, fashion designer for Givenchy Homme, has been linked to ending his job as the main designer . Instead he has been linked to taking a lower position giving the current design team full charge. As of now this is only rumor; however, he will put full commitment into his own line.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

More Missoni '07-'08

What A Difference

Hedi Slimane's new advertising campaign for Dior Homme consists of the scrawny young man. I've been looking at his hair and styling upclose and been like "What the fuck." I searched for more of these ads but could not find them. However, I found an old Dior Homme ad with some asians and realized the look is so perfect for them but not the scrawny model who looks like he just left a Cobrasnakes concert and has been hanging out with some true hipsters.

Missoni Fall/Winter '07-'08

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Materials Of The Future

Fashion Labels New Ground- Hotels

Moschino, just one of the many chic, luxurious, and italian fashion companies is getting ready for the opening of it's hotel in milan debuting in 2008. However, don't get all excited at once. Due to over-populated squares of hotels after hotels Moschino is considering having the hotel far from everyone. "We want to create a different hotel from what is the typical scene, one that will reflect Moschino's philosophy and whimsical image."-Simone Badioli

Friday, January 12, 2007

Rock Shirts Are Over

A public service announcement from Marc & Dolce: Don't mix

The growing popularity of vintage rock-n-roll t-shirts is ending/has, as i'd say. I'm sorry to inform those people that are still caught up in that aftermath. Hopefully, you will start the next trend.

Bored In Public?

Ever find yourself in public bored? The #1 game with friends when bored is "Spot The Canadian Tuxedo" or "Spot The Rat-tail." Both games are amusing, pleasing, and the best part is people watching is involved, means twice the fun to see the idiots around you.

Gucci & Other's Opinions

What is fashion?

Marc & Dolce: Don't Mix asked around the question: "What is fashion?" some replied with there own versions and others recited our favorite quotes.

Fashion is art. Art is self-expression. We're like walking canvases.


Fashion is what we live our lives in, its our own art.

Fashion is falling out of line. Busting out of conformity. Being your own self and not caring what anyone else thinks. But most importantly, fashion is never wearing socks with sandals :]


Fashion is in every aspect of life. Fashion is an art. Its the way certain objects come together to make a finished design. It is anything that looks good.Just because a designer designs something doesn't always mean that it is in fashion. Not every trend looks good on everyone.It especially depends on how people wear the trends of the season and when they wear them.

-xKx B-)

Fashion is the industry, the actual clothing. Style is the way in which the clothes are put together, the way they are carried.

- anonymous

mmmm....I think fashion is a way that everyone expresses themselves. It's not just the clothes that you put on but how you feel in them. Your outward appearance says a lot about you, it defines you as a person. Fashion is a statement of your individuality, it shows that no one is just like you.

- Paige

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Alexander McQueen's Travel Essentials

Lindsay Lohan : New Face Of Mui Mui

Love the ads or hate them, Lindsay is here to stay for all of Spring '07.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Sunday, January 7, 2007

How Daring Are You?

Rosella Jardini, head at Moschino, has always been known as a the person to tone down the fun and humor of Moschino. However, this year it's back and bolder then ever with the Wife-beater tan. I love it. It's very fun, different, & chic. If someone did that look in public I'd had to applaud them for being so daring.

I'm Sorry About This

Roaming, searching, & anticipating for the new Crocs ballet flats. I found them. I'm sorry about displaying this ugly, disgusting, and preverse image. However, Marc & Dolce: Don't Mix can not be held responsible for any eye imparing illnesses resulting from viewing this page. One positive is that they aren't as ugly as the normal clog Croc that employees from around the world have to clean up random vomit due to horrified viewers.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Jason Preston Vs. K-Fed

Kevin Federline, former boyfriend of Britney Spears and referred to as K-fed, is probably the world's main image for white trash. It began when he walked out on his pregnant girlfriend to join Britney Spears and show the world, at least everyone interested in Hollywood, that he is too cool for a pregnant woman and can leave her. Several times, Britney and him have made claims of breaking up and re-bonding which now they claim is over for good. Most famously noticed as: "he's a joke, basically." Stated by the chief editor of XXL Magazine, Elliot Wilson.

Jason Preston, another white trash symbol often compared to K-fed, is the boyfriend of Marc Jacobs. Marc jacobs, chief design director of Luis Vuitton , has been highly criticized because of his association with Preston. Also one of his infamous appearances was when he stood next to Marc bearing a rather large tattoo with the words: Marc Jacobs across his arm. Not only did he have this tattoo but also was considered responsible for Marc Jacobs new makeover. Famously criticized on in which Marc wears a shirt saying: "If it ain't STIFF it ain't worth a fuck." The shirt of course was designed by Jason Preston.

How to wear Crazy - McQueen

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Thursday, January 4, 2007

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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Designer Girlfriends- Defined

  1. Chanel girl: a lovely girl a guy could be proud of to takeout: often classy, sophisticated, & elegant, & fashionable.
  2. Versace girl: Sexy, wild, flirty, seductive, & confident-could turn down James Bond
  3. Gucci girl: Co-worker everyone falls in love with, funny, sexy, formal, and a business oriented woman.
  4. Louis Vuitton: Girl walking down Champs-Elysees, classy, beautiful
  5. Valentino girl: someone special often met on a beach or by the pool on vacation- Erotic & Lustful
  6. D&G Girl: True Italian Stallion: chic & fashionable
  7. Roberto Cavalli: Young, beutiful, sexy, chic, fashionable, wealthy, & probably dangerous because of marriage to the Mob
  8. Burberry: laid back, fun but very serious

An Exploration of "designer girlfriends"-click to enlarge

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