Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A.P.C. Overload

Here is a hint of what A.P.C. has to offer you for the summer season. A.P.C. is well-known for their raw denim; however, when I noticed all these items was shocked. They also have a newer collection "Madras" which is the A.P.C. "color" collection pretty much. As of last year the collection consisted primarily of a "selection" of items like they barely had a collection. However, this year they've introduced a men's and women's collection. I have to admit that not only are the clothes pretty cool in the "Madras" collection but I like the funky writing they use for there tags too. It's amazing that A.P.C. doesn't have the traditional dark "French Colors" in many of there collections such as Lacoste whose polos come in attractive colors but also colors such as French mustard. Also, If you want Jesus's mom's shoes, Mary's shoes, they are available from A.P.C. now too. They go perfect with an ancient robe.

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