Saturday, November 15, 2008


These picture are from this week's best fashion article. The article is about the spread of plaid in the fashion industry. It amazes me that it would even be considered a new coming phenomenon. I have always assumed that plaid was a staple in any person's wardrobe. Clearly,I have been proven wrong by The New York Times.

The show of the week is Summer Heights High. It premiered not too long ago on HBO. I saw a clip of it and could not stop laughing. Please check it out, but be prepared for a lot of crude "humour". I can't indent for some reason and that is the reason for the poor formatting of my latest postings.

A quick fashion note: Rugby is having a sale ending November 17th.


ELVIA said...

who's the male model? he is gorgeous!

i don't think the link to the article is working. also, not everyone has plaid but maybe investing in at least one item of clothing which is plaid doesn't hurt. i have plaid pants but they're dark plaid [like the first pic in this post], not icky plaid.

also what's 'summer heights high' about? i don't have hbo so i don't know. lol.

Patrick said...

sorry thanks

FAPORT International said...

Nice pictures!!

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