Friday, January 12, 2007

What is fashion?

Marc & Dolce: Don't Mix asked around the question: "What is fashion?" some replied with there own versions and others recited our favorite quotes.

Fashion is art. Art is self-expression. We're like walking canvases.


Fashion is what we live our lives in, its our own art.

Fashion is falling out of line. Busting out of conformity. Being your own self and not caring what anyone else thinks. But most importantly, fashion is never wearing socks with sandals :]


Fashion is in every aspect of life. Fashion is an art. Its the way certain objects come together to make a finished design. It is anything that looks good.Just because a designer designs something doesn't always mean that it is in fashion. Not every trend looks good on everyone.It especially depends on how people wear the trends of the season and when they wear them.

-xKx B-)

Fashion is the industry, the actual clothing. Style is the way in which the clothes are put together, the way they are carried.

- anonymous

mmmm....I think fashion is a way that everyone expresses themselves. It's not just the clothes that you put on but how you feel in them. Your outward appearance says a lot about you, it defines you as a person. Fashion is a statement of your individuality, it shows that no one is just like you.

- Paige

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