Friday, January 5, 2007

Jason Preston Vs. K-Fed

Kevin Federline, former boyfriend of Britney Spears and referred to as K-fed, is probably the world's main image for white trash. It began when he walked out on his pregnant girlfriend to join Britney Spears and show the world, at least everyone interested in Hollywood, that he is too cool for a pregnant woman and can leave her. Several times, Britney and him have made claims of breaking up and re-bonding which now they claim is over for good. Most famously noticed as: "he's a joke, basically." Stated by the chief editor of XXL Magazine, Elliot Wilson.

Jason Preston, another white trash symbol often compared to K-fed, is the boyfriend of Marc Jacobs. Marc jacobs, chief design director of Luis Vuitton , has been highly criticized because of his association with Preston. Also one of his infamous appearances was when he stood next to Marc bearing a rather large tattoo with the words: Marc Jacobs across his arm. Not only did he have this tattoo but also was considered responsible for Marc Jacobs new makeover. Famously criticized on in which Marc wears a shirt saying: "If it ain't STIFF it ain't worth a fuck." The shirt of course was designed by Jason Preston.

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