Saturday, June 30, 2007


Stel's, one of the few stores that sells Nom de Guerre, on 334 Newbury St, in Boston is having their pre-sale currently. This means that you can go ahead of time to purchase up all the good stuff; however, you must pick up your clothing on July 7th, the actual sale date. If you are thinking you will go next week( you are out of luck) because it's closed for 4th of July weekend and festivities(They will be too hungover to work). I picked up two nom de guerre t-shirts & an A.P.C. longsleeve polo shirt. They have some dress shirts, shoes, t-shirts, & Acne jeans on sale. The Nom de Guerre & A.P.C. jeans will not be on sale. I asked why: "Because they have like a cult following" replied one of the employees. Everything is on sale for 40% off. The women's clothing is also on sale. The best things on sale are: NDG t-shirts, A.P.C. clothing, & Acne Jeans.

Saks: Currently, has their sale, for whatever no one really knows, on a lot of stuff between 30-40% off.

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