Friday, July 6, 2007

John Galliano

"John Galliano is a designer??? I would think sanitation engineer would be a more appropriate title. After seeing his presentation on, I have thrown away better clothing than this alleged designer is trying to stuff down our throats. It's bad enough that walking in public with your pants around your knees, boxer shorts pulled up like Mr. Lupner and everything 5 sizes too big is considered new style. That style has been around for years only it used to be called being a slob. It makes the wearer look like they are a member of the make a wish foundation and this is their special day. Mr. Galliano's fashion show was the equivalent of rolling in a garbage pile and leaving whatever trash wherever it got stuck. Mr. Galliano, keep smoking what ever it is you are smoking, crash on the floor, play video games and wow, look at the colors! You Sir are either stoned or stupid."-Auwing

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Anonymous said...

If these designers and models are so concerned about the homeless,they would not be mocking them by creating and wearing clothing lines that cost twice the national debt. It’s like they’re saying: “Hey,I’m one of you, but I am loaded and can wear the designer version….and you are not.” There’s nothing chic about mocking the poor.

Have any of these designers with a so-called passion for the homeless started food banks, soup kitchens, new affordable housing, paid off bills for those struggling, given impoverished teens scholarships? No. They just “call attention” to a problem we all know already exists. It’s like watching CSPANN Senators rehash the fact that there is a mortgage crisis in painstaking detail when thousands are losing their homes daily. Who needs them to “call attention” to the obvious?

We don’t need a fashion designer to point out what is obvious; if they don’t want to help become part of the solution, they should just stick to their craft. The amount of stuff unsold at the end of each season shows that they have enough difficulty doing just that…

It’s a disgusting trend that fashion designers feel it’s their right to “see homeless in the park” and then create a whole line of clothes that makes us all homeless, so we can supposedly “identify with them.” Those of us that have identified with them are helping them. Galliano, why don’t you try to do the same?

The same goes double (or maybe triple) for the Abu Ghraib “collection" which is in terribly bad taste.It’s as if Galliano thinks he’s the only one who is aware; he has to educate us all by doing a terror runway.

What an ego this man has! It's EGO that allows poverty; it's EGO that terrorizes.