Thursday, July 19, 2007

Gawker's Apology To The Jews- Hilarious

Gawker Apologizes To The Jews

So our earlier post about our wacky Jew-hating ways got the attention of the folks at Heeb, who were name-checked by Mark "I Like Kike" Caro in his admonitory blog post. The Heebs seem to have understood the humor, but a commenter at their site found us less amusing. angryjew.jpg

Well, obviously that won't do. We've drafted a sincere and heartfelt apology.

Dear Jew,

We are sincerely sorry for offending your delicate Jew sensibilities. Yes, it's true, there are a few Jews here in the office—we've crunched the numbers, and four out of five Gawker editors have at least some Jew blood in them (not on them!)—and we do think that gives us the right to make Jew jokes. But you know what? None of us are Irish, thank God, and we still knock the micks every now and again. We're kinda of the opinion that the idea of ethnicity and its accompanying stereotypes are inherently hilarious. So, sure, we may not know a lot about life in Israel—do you guys still eat the Palestinian kids after your tanks run them over, or did you stop that once Rabin came into office? Do we still send Israel billions of dollars a year?—but, guess what, we think the comical ways in which your Jew country kowtows to the craziest Jew elements of crazy Jewiness could not be funnier. Hope that's okay!


I recommend visiting on a regular basis because it's pretty much the most regaling blog ever. I can't say the stuff that gawker says because I pretty much have no readers; however, when I get the 500,000 views a day or something like that which gawker gets I will be full of their commentary don't worry.

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