Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hickey Polo Shirts

Hickey, the youth brand, of Hickey Freeman's suit company has a very cool collection of polo shirts. I had seen a few of the polo shirts at Barney's, but had never thought much about them. I only laughed seeing the large marijuana leaf on some of the merchandise; thinking to myself that I never would wear a shirt with a marijuana leaf. However, curious after reading about Hickey on a GQ style blog and a New York Time's style section post I reviewed the collection on their website. Immediately, clicking on the customized polo section to see the styles available. Any one can chose their color of choice from a variety of 14 different colors. Ranging from maroon to waspy Nantucket red, but even cooler was the variation of the symbol on the polo shirt that vary from twig & berries to a moonshine jug. The polo shirts are not only cool but creative.

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