Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Art of Shaving

The company, The Art of Shaving has made a grand reputation for it's elegant and classic shaving devices ranging from old-school straight-edge razors to new razors with heads made by Gilette. Recently they opened a store in Boston, the sales people are very helpful and explain the importance of: "prepare, lather up, shave, & moisturize." Not only do they sell Razors but also a collection of accessories such as: Brushes, Stands, After-shave balm, and every other necessity needed for shaving. The concept of using a brush is that it exfoliates the skin opening up the pores resulting in a closer shave. The line is great. The straight-edge razors range from a disposable to a stainless steel with a horned grip from $45-300. While the brushes start at $50-100.

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