Monday, December 18, 2006

Zeno? Fact or Fiction?

Searching various places for anything containing essentials for beauty, fashion, and life necessities; I found a beauty product foreign to me the Zeno. This is a device used to remove acne. "Zeno PRO is a clinically proven hand-held rechargeable medical device for the at-home treatment of individual inflammatory acne pimples. Included in your Zeno PRO purchase: Zeno PRO Acne Clearing Device, 90-count Treatment Tip, Leather Carry Case w/ Mirror, Wall Charger and Product Manual. All Zeno products include a 30 Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee." That is a quote from the manufacturers website. In that instance it was talking about the Zeno PRO the higher end version. I've never heard of the product before finding it somewhere. Luckily, my friend held onto the website link and I decided to make it public.

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