Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Down Goes The Croc

It has been two months and I have not heard a word about those damn Crocs or seen them, thank God. Fashion designers around the world were praying that those Closed Cell Resin shoes originally introduced for chefs but gone public are coming to an end. Too bad for the makers of Crocs about their downfall. Sadly, I feel that Crocs will not leave;instead, they will be added to the list of undestroyable things : Uggs, Birkenstocks, Cher, & Cockroaches.


Elsa said...

Hi..new to your blog (loving it so far though)..and I also HATE crocs. HATE them! unfortunately it seems they have just come out with hideous ballet flats..let's hope these don't catch on. my sister, who is sitting with me, has just informed me that tie-dye crocs exist. oh. my. god.

so...what's your opinion of uggs? ha.

happy blogging!

The Anonymous Creator of Marc & Dolce: Don't Mix said...

I'm glad that we have similar interest in not liking crocs. Thanks for the information about the ballet flats I will search for them to find new resources and ideas for my blog. I have a nuetral opinion on Uggs because they've been around in California for so long, that they have become a classic. They are on the list of things that can never be destroyed or run-out of fashion.